1. Lactation & Early Infant Feeding Classes
    Group Classes Last Trimester of Pregnancy through Weaning Melanie Tarr IBCLC, BS, CLC Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  2. Private Consultations
    Lactation Consultations Pregnancy through Weaning Early Childhood Developmental Screenings 4 Months - 5 Years Parenting Resource Support Birth - Young Adult
  3. A Mother's Heart Creations
    Creative Creations from a Mother's Heart Working on items to raise funds & community awareness coming soon Find Us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ AMothersHeartCreations/
  4. Coffee Connections
    Coffee Connections 1st Friday 9:00 - 10:30 Centreville Maryland Check Facebook for Location TBA Easton & Cambridge in Spring 2020
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    A Positive Space for Neuro-Diverse Families and the community around them. Like & Follow us at the link below.
  6. Successfully Raised Kids Project
    A positive grass roots project supporting families on their journey to successfully raise kids in our neuro-diverse world. Lactation & Early Childhood Development Services

This project was started around 2012 when a need was seen for having a positive space to support parents raising kids in a neuro-diverse world.  

We provide Pa​renting, Lactation,
Child Development & Family LIteracy consultations. 

Education ~ Empathy ~ Research
is our moto to work to find positive resources,
share innovative knowledge in thoughtful ways
and research for new knowledge the community and the world sourounding us.

A simple act of kindness can be a key.
helping finding keys to success, priceless.  

Successfully Raised Kids Project
Education ~ Empathy ~ Research

~ Melanie ~ 


Lactation Classes​​

Separation Prep

Lactation Basics

January 6, May 18, Sept 21

February 3, June 8, October TBA, 

Centreville Library  6:00 - 8:00 pm

Centreville Library  6:00 - 8:00 pm

This class will teach you all of the basics about lactation before baby arrives.  Learn about how the human body makes milk with simple Tips Tricks, Latch and Supply basic techniques.  These are very helpful tips when beginning lactation.                                                                  Class Limit 12 families
This class can be taken before baby arrives or before returning to work. Come learn basics on expressing, pumping, and storing human milk.  Bottle feeding basics for a breastfed baby for caretakers, how to keep communication and positive support around mother and baby.         Class Limit 12 families
Register Here : Lactation Basics Class
Register Here : Separation Prep Class

Weaning Process

Complimentary Foods

March 16, July 20, November TBA

April 20, August 17, December 7th

Centreville Library  6:00 - 8:00 pm

Centreville Library  6:00 - 8:00 pm

This class is great for preparing to add in complimentary foods around 6 months of age.  Learn ways to maintain supply while learning the readiness signs and how human milk is important for the seond six months for infant nutrition.                                                                Class Limit 12 Families
This class helps to learn the process of how weaning happens.  There are natural times for weaning, tips for reducing milk supply, supporting changing nutritional needs, maintaining bonding while supporting social emotional independence.                                                         Class Limit  12 Families
Register Here : Weaning Process Class
Register Here : Complimentary Foods Class
Winter into Spring 2020
  1. Classes
    Infant Nutrition
    LARGE MEETING ROOM CENTREVILLE LIBRARY One Monday Evening 6 - 8 pm Classes are for parents from week 20 of pregnancy through weaning. See Facebook Events for Dates and to Register, Class Size up to 12 families, Cost per class $45/2 hour class
  2. Meet Ups
    Coffee Connections
    1st Friday Morning 9 - 10:30 Centreville Check Facebook for Location Free to attend, purchase your own meal Please RSVP so we can save you a seat. Check Facebook for monthly event location information
  3. Jan 29 2020
    DE Coalition Mtg
    Breastfeeding Coalition of Delaware WIC Offices Blue Hen Mall/Corporate Center 655 S Bay Road Suite 1C Dover Delaware All advocates from the community may attend.
  4. Feb 12 2020
    MD Coalition Mtg
    Time, Location, and Access Code to Call in Check... visit Http://www.mdbfc.org/wp/ All advocates from the community may attend.
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Successfully Raised Kids Project
Education ~ Empathy ~ Research

Melanie Tarr  IBCLC, BS, CLC
Lactation Consultant
Child Development Specialist
Family Literacy Coordinator

P. O. Box 52
Unicorn Maryland 21651
Tel: 410-656-4048
Email: successfullybreastfed@gmail.com
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